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Glaze Epoxy Coatings

Maybe you’ve seen pictures of marble-like flooring and countertops, this is what I specialize in, designer flooring. My services can be used in many areas; I offer residential, commercial, and industrial flooring solutions for a multitude of businesses. Epoxy is stain resistant, water/chemical resistant, seamless and easy to clean. It can be used in garages, salons, barber shops, smoke shops, restaurants/bars, living/dining rooms, office spaces, warehouses, car washes, show rooms, bathrooms, etc. The list can literally on forever. I also resurface sinks, bar tops and countertops, many times to match the décor of the room. I can design any color(s) the customer asks for. Epoxy is also good for raising property values, and can be used indoor or outdoor, over concrete or wood, vinyl or tile.

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