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Peppehdemgang offers a classic collection of tee shirts, characterised by urban African culture and steeped in high quality. Extensive and well designed - The tees from PeppehDemGang is located in top tier design, fabric and details. Upmarket tees combined with advanced inks/printing techniques to ensure longevity, make our tees a natural choice when the best is requested. PeppehDemGang was born out of the For Us, By Us concept. A huge amount of effort is put into the design in order to make the tees simple, creative, and durable. There are plenty of things we take into consideration that may not be recognized at first, details are crucial because breaking the stereotypes of substandard Africa product is our drive. Our mission is to create a tee shop that delivers on quality with images and messages that elevate us. With PeppehDemGang, you will strut through the world asserting your cultural confidence and your style will surely Peppeh Dem!.

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