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Legal & Consulting

Standard of Excellence Education & Training Center

Training programs that help improve the quality of care offered by healthcare facilities in the Milwaukee area.

RBJ Community Consulting

RBJ Community Consulting is consulting for non-profit agencies & social entrepreneurs. We're dedicated to sharpening your organization’s strengths, assisting in fostering a more collaborative work environment, and deepening your ties to the community.

L.R.L. Capital

An alternative investment fund, helping accredited individuals and institutions achieve their long-term financial goals and/or meet their future financial obligations.

Manuel Virtual Assistance

Manuel Virtual Assistance offers various administrative services to small businesses and entrepreneurs remotely.

Prism Technical

Project and construction management, business development training and corporate internship training and placement.

Mended Hope Support + Coaching

Mended Hope is a premium company providing coaching and consultation to women. We serve high-impact women struggling to overcome life disruptions that have shattered their hope and confidence via courses, events, and strategic coaching. Our company specializes in providing evidence-based strategies and frameworks to help women increase their resilience, influence, and impact through our Thrive Academy for Personal & Professional Development.

B.A.D. Blessed, Anointed & Destined

Business and Lifestyle Counselor helping women of faith to get pass the fork in the road in their businesses. I help with marketing, building consistency, and developing a plan for consistent growth.

Instant Sales Help

Instant Sales Help provides affordable sales training and pay for performance sales help for small businesses.

Law Office of Christopher P. Jackson, SC

Currently offering services in Wisconsin in the following legal areas: Criminal Defense, Family Law, Workers' Compensation, and Personal Injury

Rogers Solutions Group (RSG)

A premium consulting firm committed to providing clients with community-oriented, data-driven, and equity-centric solutions. For over 20 years, our multidisciplinary team has provided solutions for health systems, government agencies, policymakers, and communities around the world. A culture of diversity, respect, and transparency remains at the core of our consultancy.

P Taylor Consulting

Mental health, employee wellness and professional development products and services.


Accounting and Tax Preparation made simple.

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