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Business Directory

Operation Dream

Developmental opportunities and mentoring support for over 250 boys and young men primarily of color, from kindergarten through high school, who need positive role models.

Findley Foundation

Offers preventative, interventive, diabetes, and social and mental services.

Entrepreneurs Coalition

A non-profit corporation whose broad purpose is to contribute to the quality of life in the City of Milwaukee through increased economic opportunities. This is to be accomplished by assisting qualified individual Milwaukee residents to establish sustainable businesses which will help provide family-supporting incomes for their owners and employees.

Adullam Outreach

We are a modern-day, culturally-relevant version of the book of Acts church, meeting together regularly to share life, grow in our faith, and be a unified church family.

Black Lens MKE

The Milwaukee Film Festival’s Black Lens Program’s mission is to feature fiction and documentary films from both emerging and established African-American filmmakers.

STRONG Homes Loan Program

Offers loans of up to $20,000 to owner occupants of 1-4 family properties throughout the City of Milwaukee on a first come, first served basis. Technical assistance will be provided to homeowners under the program to assist with rehabilitation projects.

Nearby Nature Milwaukee

Nearby Nature Milwaukee is an environmental justice and equity initiative begun by the Sierra Club. Various programs promote outdoor activity.

Wisconsin Insurance Plan

Provides basic and affordable property insurance to applicants in Wisconsin without regard to environmental hazards, providing the property is reasonably maintained.

Fair Housing Council

Promotes fair housing throughout the State of Wisconsin by combating illegal housing discrimination and by creating and maintaining racially and economically integrated housing patterns.

Milwaukee Urban League

Pre-employment skills training to community residents, stabilize their economic conditions, and increase self-sufficiency.

TRUE Skool

Connections with local and national artists, middle and high school aged youth, local and national community based/youth organizations, public officials, law enforcement agencies, small businesses, large corporations and schools/universities to empower youth and young adults through programs and services, with a hip hop influence.

Running Rebels

Engages the community, youth, and their families, prevents involvement in gangs, drugs, violence, and the juvenile justice system, intervenes and guides youth by assisting them with making positive choices, and coaches youth through their transition into adulthood.

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