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10 Black Owned Vegan Eats in Milwaukee

Updated: Oct 30

The Milwaukee area offers an ample number of Black owned vegan eats. Whether you’re craving a meal, snack, or dessert, there’s something plant-based you’ll surely love.

1) Alem Ethiopian Village

Craving authentic Ethiopian food? Alem Ethiopian Village offers a wide variety of vegan dishes. Choose from lentils, collard greens, split pea and other great meals.

307 E. Wisconsin Ave. | (414) 224-5324

2) Ethiopian Cottage

Milwaukee’s other great Ethiopian restaurant is just as delicious! Ethiopian Cottage offers several vegan options, traditional injera (crepe-like sourdough flat bread) and vegetables.

1824 N. Farwell Ave. | (414) 224-5226

3) Funky Fresh Spring Rolls

Located in Sherman Phoenix, Funky Fresh is known for their fantastic healthy spring rolls. Their vegan Sweet Potato + Black Bean rolls is offered year round, while other vegan options (such as Apple Pie and Chick Pea Curry) are offered on occasion.

3536 W. Fond Du Lac Ave. | (414) 732-1531

4) Lush Popcorn

If you’re craving delicious popcorn then look no further than Lush! Located inside Sherman Phoenix, Lush popcorn offers vegan flavors in Maple Bourbon, Movie Theater, and limited quantities of Chili Lime Margarita.

3536 W. Fond Du Lac Ave. | (414) 215-0052

5) Royally Vegan

Royally Vegan specializes in comfort food and delicious desserts. Catch them at a vendor event near you – check their Facebook page for their next pop-up!

(414) 202-0231

6) That Salsa Lady

That Salsa Lady is home to homemade chips and fresh salsa, both crafted locally in Milwaukee! You can find her products at local events and in select Outpost locations.

(414) 502-7071

7) The Cultured Vegan

With personal chef services, catering, food demos, and cooking classes, The Cultured Vegan offers something for everyone. You can experience their food at events around the city and throughout the Midwest.

(347) 674-7246

8) The Q

One of Milwaukee’s newest Black restaurants, The Q, is the spinoff of local favorite Ashley’s Bar-B-Q. While visiting, be sure to checkout their vegan boneless wings.

2730 N. MLK Dr. | (414) 914-9306

9) Twisted Plants

Get twisted with Twisted Plants! As one of Milwaukee’s popular vegan restaurants, Twisted Plants offers plant based burgers Superbad, Soul Plane, and Friday After Next.

4905 S. Packard Ave. (Cudahy) | (414) 800-4005

10) Vegan Soul

Vegan Soul offers delicious meals at Tricklebee Cafe and other pop-up locations. Check their Facebook for the latest food offerings!

(414) 526-9329

11) Mobay Cafe (bonus!)

Mobay Cafe offers exquisite Jamaican and Caribbean cuisine. Vegan dishes to experience are the stuffed grilled plantains with red beans, veggie medley, and cou cou (polenta) and grilled zucchini.

1022 S. 1st St. | (414) 988-9196

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