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5 Black Owned Tax Service Businesses in Milwaukee

Still need to file your taxes? Check out these Black owned tax services in the Milwaukee area that offer remote and in-person service.

1) ATax

Atax offers comprehensive tax preparation services, from individual returns to small businesses, corporations, and partnerships. | (414) 527-2829

BOSSED offers tax planning & prep to help you maximize deductions & credits to get the largest tax refund or lowest balance due. | (414) 377-3241

Eclat Enterprises offers accounting, tax, and business consulting services for individuals, consultants, contractors, self-employed and small businesses in plain English. | (414) 375-9600

Greenwood Ave offers 1-on-1 virtual appointments as well as in-person meetings for Milwaukee area residents. Tax documents can be dropped off at their office or uploaded to their app. | (800) 950-5970

Notable specializes in individual and small business taxation including providing bookkeeping services for small businesses. | (414) 732-8684


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