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6 of Milwaukee's Best Black Owned Sweet and Snack Shops

While many folks think of Black restaurants as only soul and bbq places, Milwaukee offers several sweet and snack shops to satisfy your cravings. From popcorn to cookies and cupcakes to pies, these six Black owned shops will surely leave your tastebuds mouthwater.

3536 W Fond Du Lac Ave | (414) 617-7575

Confectionately Yours by GGG uses the finest ingredients to create mouthwatering baked goods and desserts, including cookies, caramels, nuts, nougat filings, doughnuts, and berries with chocolate.

3536 W Fond Du Lac Ave | (414) 215-0052

Hand-crafted gourmet popcorn, specializing in delicious varieties of white chocolate, beer caramel, maple bourbon and liquor infused popcorn with natural mix-ins that pop full of flavor.

7157 W Burleigh St | (414) 585-0234

Bougie Berry’s is one of the West Side’s best dessert shops, and are known for their delicious cupcakes. The shop also features other deserts, including some infused with alcohol.

321 W National Ave | (414) 305-1081

Miller Gourmet Popcorn Shop has over 10 different flavors of popcorn that are full of freshness and flavor.

4425 N Oakland Ave | (414) 906-1042

Goody Gourmet’s is known as Milwaukee’s favorite gourmet popcorn shop, and offers a variety of freshly prepared flavors.

8103 W Tower Ave | (414) 759-4992

Your grandmother’s pies are no match for Mr Dye’s Pies! Choose from Classic Sweet Potato, Nawlin’s Pecan, and more (including sugar free options) and experience one of Milwaukee’s best pie shops.

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