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How to Support Black Businesses During the Coronavirus Outbreak

With the cancellation of schools, concerts, and sporting events due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic a lot of business are feeling an economic pinch. These businesses still need your help! Find out seven ways you can support Milwaukee’s Black businesses with little to no physical interaction.

Learn more about African civilizations and African American history and culture on America’s Black Holocaust Museum website. The new facility is not yet open but a lot of information is available online.

The Wisconsin Black Historical Society offers a variety of online information that discusses our state’s and city’s strong African American history.

Rate and Review Your Last Visit

Enjoyed the catfish last weekend? Love the new locs? Rate and review your last visit or experience from a Black owned business.

Shop Online

There are a lot of online shopping options for Black businesses in Milwaukee. Ordering directly may cause more strain on delivery workers, but some businesses could offer pickup or dropoff options. You can find a list of online shopping businesses on the MKE Black app.

Engage in Digital Services

Now is a great time to redesign your website. Or build your audience and social media presence. Engage in digital services without ever having to leave your home. You can find a list of advertising and branding businesses on the MKE Black app.


Support local Black businesses through donations. Many businesses will lose customers during the pandemic, and could truly use your support. You could also lend supplies to donation drives, such as Full Circle Healing‘s Lend A Hand Donation Drive.

Share Your Favorite Businesses

One of the simplest ways to support Black businesses is to share their page or photo on social media channels. Sharing businesses on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter not only gives them more exposure but leads to potential new customers.

Have more ways to support local businesses? Please share your suggestions!


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