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MKE Black Business Spotlight

Welcome to the MKE Black Business Spotlight! Today we feature the founder of Custom Processing Unlimited, Akai Coit, who’s business makes laser cut products. Read on to learn more about Akai and their business.

Tell us about yourself, where you’re from and what you enjoy.

Born on Indiana, grew up in Milwaukee and have a passion for multiple forms of art. Drawing, poetry, painting, singing, martial arts and more!

Why did you start your business? What makes you passionate about it?

I had a strong desire to make a living off of doing what I love. And the timing of me starting my business was what I saw as the right time and opportunity to make it happen.

What do you want people to know about your business?

I make cool stuff with lasers… and I love every single minute of it!

Please explain why your business is important to the community.

Stepping outside the general norms for the types of things that can be laser cut and engraved is my primary goal. Self expression is extremely important. And being able to offer a unique method to help others express themselves is highly valid to my neighbors as well as myself. Especially in the current times, art is extremely important to mental well-being, and making art functional is a top goal of mine which also covers the needs of the general public.

Anything else we should know?

I look forward to all the opportunities to come that give me the chance to put smiles on people’s faces and artistic seeds in everyone’s minds.

*Some content is edited for clarity.

Do you want your Milwaukee area Black business featured in our weekly spotlight? Your business will be featured on our homepage and social media sites. If interested, complete the form in the link below!

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